Downsideup Games announces release of debut title: Mr. Grouch’s Lawn Invasion (Video)

Downsideup Games, Inc. announces the release of Mr. Grouch’s Lawn Invasion, an original puzzle game for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Mr. Grouch, a retired banker, is very much a dollars and cents guy, if it doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make sense. He cherishes two things in life: his dog Bubbles, and his beautiful yard and grass lawn. He’ll stop at nothing to ensure he is the envy of the entire country club. There’s just one problem: Terrance and Thomas – two very mischievous moles who have decided to see who can dig the most molehills in Mr. Grouch’s lawn!

“Mr. Grouch has addictive gameplay with mole-itudes of fun and challenging levels,” said Tim Ellert, founder of ESZ Consulting UK, and producer of the Repton series of mobile games.

Featuring a story with thirty levels spread across four different seasons, vs. AI and 2-player game modes, and four playable characters, Mr. Grouch’s Lawn Invasion is a fun battle between care-free moles, and a very grumpy Mr. Grouch!