Liverpool based Space Lizard Studio (LTD) have officially launched their new game, Dragon Bros on steam, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Dragon Bros is a fast paced run and gun game with a unique soundtrack created by Gabriele Caruso which follows four teenage dragons pitted against an army of Mechaliches, an evil robotic society. Players will learn more about their plans and culture as they play through the game.

Several types of enemies appear in the game; so there’s a constant challenge as you try to jump and roll out of the way of lasers, bullets and bombs. There’s also a huge arsenal of power ups to collect, from simple health packs to new weapons.

A smooth and fresh interpretation of classic Run and Gun games
Solo or local co-op up to 2 players
Tons of enemies to blow up
Gorgeous pixel art
Lots of weapons with alternatives firing modes
Punchy soundtrack with old school tones
Far too many explosions
Higher difficulty modes for an extra challenge
Full controller support
2 players on one keyboard support
Hyper responsive controls and non stop action
Future updates and free new levels already planned