Indie game developer, Grimm Bros, announced today that a fresh, new serving of its debut RPG Dragon Fin Soup: Extra Chunky Edition is coming later this year with a major update planned for PC, STEAM, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The game will also launch on Xbox One, iOS, Android, FireTV, Mac and Linux in late 2016.

WTF is Extra Chunky?!
Dragon Fin Soup: Extra Chunky Edition includes the latest 1.07 “Community ChowDown!” update from STEAM which has tons of new features, fixes, and refinements. Grimm Bros will also be adding…
•Ability to feed pets to level them up
•Toggle button for the grid view
•New “Black Knight” pet inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail
•New dungeons
•New “Trash Talk” system
•New items, recipes, weapons

“I’m really excited to be working with Ash, Randis, and the rest of the Grimm Bros team!”, said Jim Buck, CEO of Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment. “A Sony Alumni who has been working on PlayStation platforms since the original Playstation over 20 years ago, I started Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment, Inc. in 2005 and have known Ash and Randis for a very long time. Together we have quite a lineup of new features in store for Dragon Fin Soup this year and are happy to be able to welcome Xbox One, mobile, Mac, Linux and FireTV players as well”.

“Dragon Fin Soup uses an adult oriented, light-hearted tone to disguise some brutally hard gameplay. One that I believe will turn out to be incredibly rewarding.”
Hardcore Gamer

“…there’s an old-school zelda vibe crossed with tactical combat and crafting. That appeals.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“There’s just something about a drunken badass Red Riding Hood-esque character that’s particularly amusing to me, and I’m eager to see what exactly the highly irreverent team has come up with. Given that there was at least one scene in a rustic strip club, with a pole-dancing skeleton, it stands to reason that there will be a lot to enjoy in the rest of the narrative.”
The Escapist

About This Game
Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.

Meet Red Robin – a charming, yet raging alcoholic bounty hunter, who’d rather get into a bar fight than deliver baked goods. Players must take up Robin’s blades and set out across Asura, a lushly colorful fantasy world that sits on the back of an enormous space turtle, on a journey to discover the secrets of her bloody past.

This game is not for the casual player and can be highly addictive.
Dragon Fin Soup contains the following:
– Superfluid turn-based tactical combat
– Raging alcoholic bounty hunter heroine
– New procedurally generated world each time you play
– Mercenaries for hire and awesome pets to collect
– Over 60+ hours of roguelike gameplay in Story, Survival & Labyrinth modes