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Fly the unfriendly skies with Reliance Games’ new covert aerial combat simulation and warfare game, Drone: Shadow Strike, arriving today on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is free to play.

Drone: Shadow Strike transforms mobile devices into pilot stations for the world’s most advanced unmanned vehicles of military superiority with simple and supremely precise touchscreen controls. Take command of the battlefield from high above the fray with an audacious arsenal of guns, missiles, rockets and bombs, each upgradeable for distinct effects in unique circumstances, as well as autoloaders, airstrikes, nukes and more.

Combining the tense action of a war game with the immersion, strategy and attention to detail of a simulator, Drone: Shadow Strike delivers a fully explored drone operator experience. Your FLIR (Forward looking Infrared) camera gives you an unparalleled view of everything below, which you’ll need to take on over 20 assault, defend and escort special ops assignments across four historically inspired campaigns. Climb the ranks from airman to general, tackling over 270 challenges with 50 achievements, and compete with friends around the world via Facebook and online leaderboards to bring the end to enemy combatants.

If you are interested in reviewing the game, please get in touch and we’ll provide in-game currency.

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