Puzzle fans can rejoice with the arrival of UNWYND, a 21st century take on the 1st Century B.C. classic “tic-tac-toe”. Do you like puzzles and painting? Great! Because UNWYND lets you do both.

UNWYND is the debut handheld game created by Dropout Games, an indie studio from India comprising of two Dropouts. The studio was formed when a class topper and a rebellious student met and came up with the idea of dropping out of the college due to the lack of relevancy they found in their curriculum. The duo have had some prior development experience as they had previously worked with Lucid Labs (another indie studio from India) on a game called “ROTO: A Simple Circular Puzzle”, which has been critically acclaimed in Asia, being a finalist in “Free-to-Play” category at Casual Connect, Asia.

The decision was finalized, they dropped out and formed the studio in October, 2014 but now they needed to make games. They dug their list of concepts. They wanted to keep their first game small but classy and UNWYND fitted the criteria perfectly. It was a concept that was prototyped by Sujeet Kumar (Co-Founder, Dropout Games) in 2013 and lied there still, waiting to be made for over a year and a half. He pitched it, showed the prototype and Ankush Madad (Co-Founder, Dropout Games) agreed right away. They’ve been following the “Rami Ismail indie survival path” eating noodles and drinking cola for a while and are hoping to get some results from UNWYND to continue their indie journey.

Sujeet Kumar, Co-founder at Dropout Games says “UNWYND is made with pure intention of offering a very sleek and sharp puzzle experience to the fans of puzzle games. The game employs a simple swipe based mechanic in order to solve meticulously crafted combo – based puzzles. There is heavy emphasis on letting the player paint unique “looking” solution to each puzzle presented on the screen. Each solution can be achieved in multiple patterns depending on player’s approach to gestures.”

The core of game is based on color and symbol matchmaking. With swift gestures ,players need to pull in colored ribbons that mark the blocks on screen based on their respective colors resulting in different combinations of X and O patterns.

UNWYND features these highlights:
· A new form of art and puzzle-based single player tic-tac-toe.
· Gesture based gameplay where Dropout Games lays down the puzzles and players “paint” their own solutions.
· Over 90 beautiful puzzle patterns representing different objects, laid out in 3 different chapters and there’s more on their way.
· Clean and sleek art style that adds to game’s overall appeal.

RELEASE DATE: 9th February, 2015
PLATFORMS: Android – Free to Play, Windows Phone – 1 US $
TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaMbm9xCpNw

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