Dropzone brings Real-Time Strategy back to Core-Gaming in 2016 (Video)

Leading European video game publisher Gameforge and developer Sparkypants Studios have introduced a transformative entry into the real-time strategy genre with Dropzone. A highly competitive title, Dropzone combines the intense 1v1 action, deep strategic multi-units tactics and map control of RTS with extensive customization, pilot leveling, and familiar controls. Players take control of a squad of three mighty war machines, known as “Rigs”, in explosive 15-minute battles for dominance. Players can choose from a variety of Pilots, Rigs and Gear to customize their squad to suit their style of play. Powered by Sparkypants Studios own Sparkle Engine, a game engine built from the ground up for competitive online play, Dropzone represents the next generation of RTS in 2016.

More Information about the game: http://playdropzone.com

On a Distant Moon, Humanity Fights for Glory and Survival
It is the 22nd Century. All of humanity depends on a rare and powerful energy source called Cores mined from Jupiter’s moon Europa—but Europa has fallen. A hostile alien presence called the Kavash has conquered the planet and pushed humanity to the brink. Players step into the role of Core Hunters: part renegade captains and part privateers. Each player commands a squad of three elite Pilots operating battle-hardened Rigs, competing for riches at the edge of the dropzone. It is a lethal, glorious, and slightly mad way to earn a living.

Back to the Future
A hallmark of the RTS genre is control of multiple units, where your ability to deploy and divide your attention determines your ability to dominate the battlefield. Players control three unique Pilots who operate Rigs equipped with gear that determines their strategy and effectiveness.

Every Pilot specializes in a particular Rig type: Tank (tough but slow), Mechanic (versatile support), Gunner (powerful but lightly armored), and others types to be announced. Players may mix and match Pilots, types, and gear as they choose to develop strategies and tactics to counter the loadouts of their opponents. Choices are limited only by imagination and personal skill. “Dropzone” emphasizes player excellence in an arena of unparalleled 1v1 combat: 15 minutes, 3 Rigs, 2 Players, and 1 Hell of a Fight.

Life in the Zone
In “Dropzone,” players compete to retrieve and recover Cores from the alien-infested moon of Europa. Deliver a Core to your orbiting spaceship to score a point. Recover Cores from the hives of the alien Kavash, or destroy your opponent’s Rigs and poach their Cores, as they try to do the same to you. But don’t overstay your welcome. After 15-minutes on the planet, the Kavash will overwhelm all invaders.

Each player also has a Dropship to transport forces to and from the surface of Europa. The Dropship and its trusty crew repair Rigs when they are damaged in a fight, and they respawn Rigs after they are destroyed by the enemy.
Cores are not the only way to score in “Dropzone.” Every map features up to three randomly selected objectives that when completed add points to a player’s score. For example, gain control of all four vision towers on the map and you will capture “Total Vision,” worth two points. Not only does this objective boost your score, but it also offers a tactical advantage by giving you line of sight over the entire battlefield.

– 1v1 Focus on individual skill and strategic customization
– Familiar PC mouse/keyboard controls from the best of the RTS and

MOBA genres
– Intense 15 minutes matches
– Extensive options for customizable units – combine pilots and gear to build a squad of Rigs that suits your style of play
– Easily understandable rules and victory conditions that provide for incredible strategic depth
– Integrated Spectator and Replay Modes allow players to watch and learn
– Powered by the brand-new next-gen Sparkle Engine, designed specifically for:
o Robust Online Play
o Responsive Controls
o Amazing Visual Fidelity that is 4k Gaming-Ready, but can scale lower-end HW

About Dropzone
Dropzone is the first, new game IP from game developer Sparkypants Studios, comprised of seasoned RTS veterans of Big Huge Games. Dropzone brings together classic attributes of Real-Time Strategy such as map control and multiple units the player must direct, with 1v1 intense online competitive play and familiar keyboard and mouse controls. Players must develop their tactics, customize their Rigs to suit their play-style, and then bring them into battle against their opponent to see who can score the most points during a 15-minute match. Dropzone provides a vast array of choices between Rigs and their load-out, and a rich variety of maps set on alien-infested Europa over which players will contest. Dropzone is set for a 2016 release as a free download for PC. You can read more at http://www.PlayDropzone.com/.