Dual-Screen Roguelike TEMPLE OF YOG launches on Wii U eShop this Holiday Season

The unique dual-screen dungeon crawler TEMPLE OF YOG for Wii U is headed to the Nintendo eShop this holiday season on 12/16 for $5.99 USD, with free content and online PvP planned for Spring 2016.

Recently featured as an Official Selection at the IndieCade Festival for it’s innovative use of the Wii U GamePad, CHUDCHUD Industries’ TEMPLE OF YOG is the game of human sacrifice. Players select sacrificial tributes from a primitive village and send them into an ancient temple. These tributes fight and conquer their way through procedural dungeons for glory, their inevitable death rewarding the village with prestige and progress. Tributes shift between the realms of Light and Shadow on the TV and the Wii U GamePad. A second display mode allows players to use the GamePad as a crystal ball into the other realm, leaving the tribute on the primary screen at all times. Along the way, a tribute’s sacrifice increases in rank, going from “Weak” and “Meager” all the way to “Worthy”. Defeating the guardian of each realm, along with providing a worthy sacrifice, will advance the village from a primitive culture all the way to a futuristic acropolis.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlOzGeGkzWA

The holiday release of TEMPLE OF YOG on the Nintendo eShop contains the first in a series of content releases, broken up into “epochs”. Future content updates will be provided FREE to all users, but the base price of the game increases as well:

The First Epoch: $5.99 USD
– Age of the Wilderness

The Second Epoch: $6.99 USD
– Age of the Plow
– Age of the Fist
– PvP Online Multiplayer

The Third Epoch: $7.99 USD
– Age of the Atom
– Age of the Zealot

The Final Epoch: $9.99 USD
– Age of Ascension

This pricing strategy incentives early adoption, with content and features added through free updates along the way. Current features include:

– Transcend the veil between the realms of light and shadow! Gameplay shifts between the TV and the Wii U GamePad as you guide tributes through two linked worlds on separate screens
– Choose your tribute! Multiple classes with unique skills and play styles
– Procedurally generated dungeons! The Temple depths twist and reshape themselves with each new sacrifice
– GREAT BOONS! Progress your primitive village to an advanced civilization
– MINOR BOONS! Upgrade your tributes’ stats and skills and unlock new features
– Brutal boss battles, dangerous encounters, and perplexing puzzles around every corner
– Original chiptunes by Dr. Zilog

The Second Epoch, slated for Spring 2016 release, will include two new dungeon realms and online PvP multiplayer.