Master Realistic Precision Shooting In ‘Core Archery’ Now Available On iOS® & AndroidTM

Core Archery developed and published by indie game developer Aleksi Rantonen on iOS® & Android™ captures the magic of precision archery with its great gameplay and realistic physics. Available as a free download today, it follows the successful release of Clay Hunt, praised by skeet enthusiasts as the most authentic clay shooting mobile game used for commercial training with more than 3 million downloads.

Launch Trailer:

Core Archery aims to redefine the genre of mobile archery with its intuitive single-touch controls simulating the drawing, aiming and anchoring of the drawing arm. To develop your skills and achieve consistent good results, you must practice and perfect your drawing-, aiming- and release-techniques. A poor aim and judgement leads to unaligned postures, and you will be surprised where your arrow ends up! Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, the game offers polished controls and interface, impressive physics, wonderful graphics and 9 challenging levels of precision shooting.