Big Head Gunner blasts into the App Store with Precision Touch technology

After two years in development, Big Head Gunner and Precision Touch technology are now available for download on the App Store.

Big Head Gunner is a modern iOS game but also a totally retro 2D platformer. It brings the complex and accurate control systems of games like Super Mario Brothers to touch screen, without the use of an onscreen controller. This has never been done before on pure touch, and the result is an amazingly playable platformer! Travel 9 magical worlds, through 36 handcrafted levels, with dozens of sub levels. Be victorious in 9 adrenaline pumping boss battles, and save Prince Akoki. Collect 180 stars and dozens of other unlockables. Enjoy 9 super fun bonus games. All in fluid HD running at 60 frames per second!

Precision Touch
Gamers know that quality platformers depend on quality controls. This is where Big head Gunner sets itself apart from the slew of touchscreen runners and virtual controller platformers. Big Head Gunner employs a proprietary touchscreen control system that allows unprecedented accuracy for a mobile platformer.

Bonus Games
The core game was already packed with content and variety but the developers wanted even more! Nine super fun bonus games are included with Big Head Gunner. These games will test your reflexes, memory, and even strategic ability. Every game is unique and gives players yet another way to collect coins.

Boss Battles
Big Head Gunner is definitely not an endless runner, it is an action platformer through and through. Expertly designed levels complemented by expertly designed boss battles. King Chameleon has gone crazy with disguises! Gamers can look forward to an engaging and challenging boss at the end of every world.

Notable Features
•Exclusive to iOS
•Two year production
•Handcrafted levels
•Expert level design
•Precision Touch technology
•9 magical worlds
•36 unique levels with dozens of sub levels
•180 stars to find and collect
•Dozens of other collectables
•9 adrenaline pumping boss battles
•9 Super Fun Bonus Games
•Fluid HD animation running at 60 FPS
•Over 50 hours of gameplay

Notable Link
•Join the Acorn Kingdom on YouTube…

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