Iris Synthesis released! The first ever arcade PREDICTION game.

Funcraft Games today announces the immediate release of *** IRIS SYNTHESIS *** on the iTunes app store and on PC.

Iris Synthesis, an arcade action puzzle game, introduces you to a refreshing game concept based on PREDICTION. You are presented with a shape that will form somewhere in 10 seconds inside an iris composed of rotating blocks. It is up to you to predict which blocks will form the shape by tracking their motions. SOUNDS SIMPLE? Then sharpen your eyesight and fire up your motion prediction skills! Featuring a hypnotic soundtrack by Maxvic.


•A refreshing game concept based on PREDICTION.
•49 carefully crafted levels offering hours of gameplay.
•Dozens of collectables: trophies and achievements.
•A unique audiovisual experience, with music by Maxvic.

$3.99 (HD version):

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