In support of Cyber Monday, a series of mini-trailers have been released this weekend across YouTube in support of Manchester’s mech-epic, Beyond Flesh and Blood.

Contained within each of these videos are secret messages in various languages which give away key details about the game’s developing narrative. They can be pieced together to form two clues.

The featured YouTube channels include Beyond Flesh and Blood, GaminGuys.com, Mouse_n_Joypad, Power Up Gaming; and Gamers FTW (TBC).

New environment art for the game was released for Deansgate – however each image was cut interestingly (slightly lower than full widescreen) to leave room for a releasing new element within this game level, which will explain the existence of a variety of characters, including the Rebels, in prep for the full game.

Local actor and MediaCityUK regular Lee Perkins completed the voiceovers while each soundtrack features the artist from YouTube’s audio library Gunnar Olsen, and renowned YouTube techno artist TeknoAxe – a major favourite with game vloggers and independent filmmakers.

The demo is currently on version 0.03 with major adaptations to the build planned for January 2014 alongside two major announcements.

Beyond Flesh and Blood
A graphically-intense nod to the 3rd person shooter genre, Beyond Flesh and Blood challenges players to blast through multiple levels of hostile scavenger forces and mutating enemy threats on a mission to help reclaim the surface of Earth – starting with dystopian Manchester.
Players jack into advanced multi-ability combat rigs, battle a range of formidable enemies and mech weapon systems across the post-apocalyptic UK city in fast-paced gameplay that will push shooter skills to the limit.
Beyond Flesh and Blood will release on PC later this year, and the studio aim to release on XBOX One and Playstation 4 in 2015.

The studios debut title BEYOND FLESH AND BLOOD is set for release late 2014 on PC, with XBOX One and Playstation 4 releases planned thereafter.
For more information, visit: www.beyondfleshandbloodgame.com

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