Dungeons & Darkness releases on Steam (Video)

Playism is excited to announce that Dungeons & Darkness has been released on Steam

Dungeons & Darkness
Stories speak of old dungeons in this world, ones that contain untold secrets and calamitous evil. Warriors have delved into these dungeons, seeking out their darkest secrets, each with their own goal in mind. Through this, a prosperous and stable town came to form, attracting people, goods and commerce. But the town now speaks of a warped and troubled world. They had already withstood many disasters and they long for peace to return to the world. It is with the same wish that you set foot into town.

Enter unforgiving dungeons where many adventurers have me their own demise. 

A first-person exploration and action RPG game where you make your way through monster and trap infested dungeons. Uncover chests containing powerful items, and journey onwards to slay the great evil that is rumored to lurk deep in the shadows.

Based on classic dungeon RPGs, Dungeons & Darkness takes the genre to a new level. By including aspects like real time action, which was difficult to achieve with hardware from the previous generation, a new type of dungeon adventure awaits.