Early Access Version of Happy Wars Now Available on Steam!

Toylogic, based in Toshima ward of Tokyo, Japan, has released the Early Access version of Happy Wars for Windows on Steam worldwide on Thursday May 29, 2014.

Happy Wars is a free-to-play, large-scale, online multiplayer action game matching up as many as 30 players per match.
Engage in heated seizes, cast spells in big magical battles and go crazy in over-the-top melees in a fantasy-themed world with players all around the world.

Players can customize their player character with equipment such as weapons, armor and other accessories obtained through battles, or by using Happy Stars or Happy Cards and run about the battlefields with the personalized player character.

Equipment have a growth element and can be powered up through Item Level-Up and Item Modification systems, giving players the ability to create their own unique and ultimate item.
Happy Wars for Xbox 360 was released on Xbox Live Arcade in October 2012 and surpassed six million downloads worldwide.

The Early Access version will provide players with the full experience of the game, including the purchasing of paid contents, and will be available for any player all over the world.
Toylogic would like everyone to play the Early Access version of Happy Wars and help improve the title to prepare it for its official release.

In Happy Wars, players can purchase Happy Tickets, which is the real-money-based currency used in the game.
Happy Tickets are used for Happy Cards to obtain premium items and for Item Level-Up and Item Modification to power-up equipment items.

Overview of the Early Access Version
Test duration: from Thursday May 29 to Monday June 30, 2014 How to participate: Select “GAMES”, “Early Access” and install the Early Access version for free on Steam Store page (http://store.steampowered.com/app/246280/).

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