Small Chronicles New Update v1.0.1 Now Available!

Fellow adventurers, in these couple of weeks, prepare yourself as the chance to experience a new and hybrid world has arrived. WhiteSponge today released the new update (v1.0.1) to its latest hybrid JRPG, Small Chronicles!

Small Chronicles is the first hybrid style RPG that combines pure role-playing strategy with turn-based, puzzle and online league pvp gameplay!

Small Chronicles Chapter 1 (v1.0.1) introduces the following new additions and changes:

Ω New skills and stat reset stones now available at the in-game item store!

Ω The skills (One Guy/Fury Storm) is now usable only once per story stage and now requires full mana (MP) to use in league matches

Ω The bonuses from various equipment (e.g evasion/critical rates) have been balanced

Ω Fixed a bug where Lyea’s Flame skill caused the game to not switch between enemy and player turns

Ω Fixed a bug where the story mode would occasionally display nothing when selected

Ω Fixed a bug when character stats go below base values (such as 80 health (HP) for Kon)

Small Chronicles Chapter 1 (v1.0.1) is available for download at no charge

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