Attractio – Early Access release

This March 20th the indie FPS/Puzzle videogame will be available on Early Access mode. You can check it out going to the official game site. Also this Early Access will be available on GamersGate. You may purchase it for $9.99 the first week instead of $17.00 standard price.

The game will include the Official Soundtrack as a reward of aquiring an Early Access Mode and helping the developers with your Feedback!

When Attractio is completed, developers will send you the final version without any additional cost and DRM free.

Want to see Attractio on Steam? please vote here


Available for Windows/Linux/Mac*
Vision stereoscopic 3D compatibility**
Compatible with Oculus Rift**
Level editor**
In-house Engine
Full gamepad support
3 character story lines
Customized advanced physics

*Just available for Windows at Early access
**Will be enabled until the official release

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