The Ember Series: A New Fire has launched

Five friends; Derek, Jason, Sophie, Jerome, and Alex find themselves pulled into a world they never knew existed. When Derek goes missing, the rest of his friends begin a journey into the world Mörja. Suddenly they have knowledge of magic and weapons as their begin their search for Derek. Arriving in a small seaside village, they are immediately thrown into a world far more dangerous than anything they have ever experienced. Take a step into a beautiful story of friendship, discover and intrigue in A New Fire. The first game in The Ember Series.

A deep universe with multiple nations, the world of Mörja is the setting in which four friends, Jason, Sophie, Jerome, and Alex, must find their way through an unknown world to save their friend Derek. Mörja is filled with kingdoms, empires, villains, monsters and more. A New Fire’s open world epic story-line and developed characters creates a deeply engaging game that is must own for any JRPG fans who desire an open world environment.


*An Epic 50 hour main story line with over 100 hours of side story and quests.
*A hybrid D20 CTB combat system.
*A tent system to rest and heal on the Overworld Map
*A detailed world filled with history and interesting people
*Custom character art

*Over 300 unique enemies and monsters

*A detailed class system with 5 base classes. These classes split into two unique paths with 3 classes per class path each with their own detailed story line.

After thousands of man hours, Forthright Entertainment is proud to officially launch The Ember Series: A New Fire on Steam Early Access. We are excited for you to begin your journey through the magical lands of Mörja, a universe filled with unique characters, creatures, and mythios. Join a group of friends as they grow through trials and tribulations in a whole new world. Don’t you dare close your eyes. Yep, we just went there. And P.S., you’ll find a lot more Easter eggs in our game referencing movies, pop culture, and other games.

As game players ourselves, we have experienced the pitfalls of many Early Access projects from a player’s perspective. We understand the risks you are taking to trust in us to deliver a great gaming experience. We don’t take that lightly.

Since the demo launched on July 20, 2016, we have added an entirely new and extensive skill and class system, complete with passive traits and skills specifically tailored to each class. We also completely revamped the combat system to conform to the D20 rule set. And we’ve laid the foundations to add an in-depth crafting/harvesting system, as well as a mini map option for those that like to play with one, both of which will be released in a future update.

Our promise to you is that you will be included, valued, and that your feedback WILL help shape this game. We may not be able to implement everything everyone would like to see in the game. However, we look forward to seeing this game evolve with your input and are excited to deliver to you a product worthy of being enjoyed by gamers everywhere.