Experience the new world of VR on Vive and Oculus with Stealth Labyrinth

Merge Games and IV Productions are proud to announce the release of Stealth Labyrinth, for Vive and Oculus, available from Friday, May 6 2016, on Steam priced $2.99/£1.99/€2.99.

About Stealth Labyrinth
Stealth Labyrinth, from Reddoll, is a first-person shooter based on stealth mechanics. In a sci-fi labyrinth the player must explore from room to room in an attempt to discover and exit. In addition to the self-destruct countdown timer players must also navigate laser barriers and avoid detection of patrolling assassination droids. Destroying structures and lights to maintain their advance, players must choose the right mix of stealth and full-on shooter action to reach the exit before the labyrinth explodes.

About This Game


Stealth Labyrinth is a first-person shooter videogame based on stealth mechanics. In a sci-fi labyrinth, the player must proceed, room after room, finding the right way until the end, before the time is out and everything explodes. Many droids patrol the dark corridors; laser barriers need to be passed; lights need to be destroyed to reach the darkness; many doors must be opened. A final button must be pressed.

The player is in a tight situation where he needs to move hiding himself, shooting around the corner, with an exiguous number of bullets, and few minutes to escape.

The mission of the secret agent Daniel Norwood is to steal all information in possession of the Asert Corp. The goal of the Asert Corp is to create and commercialize new types of weapons.

The data in their possession are located in secured DATA FORTRESS, spread all over the world. Each DATA FORTRESS contains the data of different types of weapons (mass destruction, mind control, chemical weapons, drugs, etc…).

Daniel is introduced into those fortresses and undetected he must steal as many datas as possible; datas are encrypted in the site plan of the buildings. When Norward is detected, the intelligent Defense system of the building will activate the countdown for self destruction.

You have to move silently in the dark, to avoid the enemies and to neutralize them

In the maze you can find 9 different enemies robot that you have to avoid or kill

In addition to the gun the player has 5 secondary abilities: Augmented Reality, Night Vision, Position Marker, Time Freeze, EMP

3 different maze style to have a unique (virtual reality) experience

Go in the darkness and kill the enemy without they can see you