Game Description:

After the invention of the warp drive, humanity had reached the era of space exploration. The V.E.P., Voluntary Explorer Program is aiming at discovering new possibilities in the outer space.

As one of the explorers of V.E.P., you have been assigned to survey a newly discovered planet. However, as soon as you arrived, the whole ship went out of control.
It was drawn by the gravity of the planet and started to fall…


Game Features:

– Explore the mystrious planet
There are various themed levels
– Different battle styles
Go hack n’ slash or gun blazing as you want
– Physics based battle system
Push enemies around to deal extra damage and unveil hidden elements
– Character creation system
Custom create your own character
– A wide range of equipment selection
Choose your weapons and armors with different functions
– Level up and skill set
Customize your character’s attributes and unlock different skills to fit your battle style

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