Exodus of Sol

Bit Planet Games, LLC is proud to announce the Early Access release of its much improved space-action game, Exodus of Sol, today on Steam.

“Our goal for Exodus of Sol is to release an incredibly fun and engaging space shooter for fans of the genre and newcomers alike and we’re at a point now that we feel engaging the community through Steam’s Early Access program will greatly help us reach that goal.” said Christopher Stockman, Studio Director.

Players, once again, wage war across absolutely drop-dead gorgeous landmarks outside and inside our Solar System against the ultra-fanatical Children of Dawn. Exodus of Sol Early Access features new missions, much improved visuals, upgraded ship physics, all-new ship subsystem management system, and more! Exodus of Sol launches on Steam’s Early Access program today.


Formed in 2013, Bit Planet Games, LLC is an independent game development studio based out of Plano, TX. The team’s first game, Exodus of Sol, is a much improved version of the team’s original space shooter, Sol: Exodus, released on Steam in January 2012.



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