Exteria Release on Steam (Video)

Mysteria Studio is proud to announce the release of Exteria on Steam on the 26th of October, 2016. Exteria is an old school fantasy first person shooter.

Players can explore its short story and fight for a highscore in survival mode.

You find yourself on a small floating island. A grumpy old man introduces you to your new gained powers.

During the game, you learn new spells by defeating increasingly difficult monsters.
The ultimate goal is to defeat the dragon to be able to return to reality.

Survival Mode
The Survival Mode throws 20 increasingly difficult waves of monsters at you.
Fight for a highscore in the online leaderboard by surviving as long as possible!

Key Features
5 versatile spells as weapons
10+ enemy types in two unique environments
Fully dynamic lighting and weather
No time wasted! Short, polished experience