Fabrik Reveals “Filthy Lucre” for PS4, PC & PSVR (Video)

Manchester-based Fabrik is proud to announce its debut title – Filthy Lucre

Your heist, your way: solo or co-op, all guns blazing or slow and stealthy, but whatever you do – get out with the goods and don’t get greedy. Your past will catch up with you.

Overthrow a criminal empire through a series of daring heists. Create distractions and silently take down targets, or cause mayhem with a hail of gunfire and remote explosives. Think on your feet: the situation can escalate quickly as an army of private security react to your every move. Filthy Lucre gives you the gear and gadgets to pull off the ultimate steal. Can you get in, do the job and get out?

The gritty London setting is yours for the taking as you lead the series of heists which will never play out the same way twice thanks to Fabrik’s cutting edge AI . “Every time you play a mission, it plays out differently,” says Kieran D’Archambaud, Technical Director. “Emergent AI means the world acts and reacts according to your actions. We’re allowing players to create their own unique ways to make a steal, with different experiences each time. The choices you make in game have a consequence, your past actions cascade through the game world and will catch up with you”

Filthy Lucre makes its PS4, PC & PSVR debut in 2016

Based in Manchester, Fabrik’s team features talent from the likes of EA, Blast Furnace, Sony’s Studio Liverpool and Evolution Studios.

Si Donbavand, Development Director, says: “Fabrik has been a fantastic opportunity to shape a studio and craft games from the ground-up. You get very few blank slate moments in the industry. We are taking the experience of our passionate team and channelling it into new games and technologies for the future.”

Graeme Ankers, CEO, says: “Fabrik is a unique independent studio & publisher. We have secured some of the best talent in the world who have worked across gaming’s biggest names – such as Call of Duty Strike Team, Motorstorm, Battlefield, Need for Speed & Driveclub to name a few”. Fabrik is also working with new teams looking to bring their games to market. “The approach of uniting new game development teams with our in-house expertise is already delivering great results. This fusion of experience meets new talent, combined with a passion for bringing new ideas and games to market makes Fabrik different.”