Family in Puzzle House launched in Apple appstore and Google Playstore (Video)

Gameday Inc., the game developer known for the room escape horror game “House of Grudge” and the “Doors & Rooms” series, announced the launch of their latest room escape game, ”Puzzle House Family,” available in the Apple App Store on June 17.

While moving away from the horror genre of their previous room escape games, Gameday is making full use of the level-designing and puzzle–building skills they developed in the “Doors & Rooms” series to showcase a concept that’s cute, light, and charming. “Our goal is to develop room escape games that can be enjoyed by more casual gamers—women and men, kids and adults—thereby expanding our customer base,” said Gameday CEO Dong-hyuk Kwon.

The game starts with a young girl named Sophie and her family, trapped in the rooms of their curious mansion after losing all their keys. To help Sophie find the keys and escape, players can use, assemble, and disassemble the objects and items inside the house to create clever new puzzle solutions. As the stages progress, harder puzzles make the game even more fun and challenging. To balance its appeal to a wider audience, the game is easier than Gameday’s previous room escape games and will include a constant stream of new and updated characters, themes, and levels.