The Fast Mind Brings Group-Based Word Play and Puzzle Creation to iMessage with New Version of Wordie

The Fast Mind ( ), a leading mobile gaming studio and a subsidiary of icogroup, today announced the launch of an innovative new iMessage version of Wordie, its hit puzzle game that challenges players to guess the common theme among four images and spell the word using the letters available. Aside from playing the game directly in iMessage, players can now create their own puzzles and share with groups of friends – all without leaving the messaging app.
The Fast Mind has integrated GIPHY, the first and largest GIF search engine, to enable Wordie players to create their own puzzles by choosing animated GIFs from GIPHY’s enormous database. This unique integration marks the first time that Wordie players can upload their own puzzles, while adding a whole new level of fun by allowing players to choose from such a large assortment of humorous, timely and culturally popular GIFs. Puzzles can then be shared with friends through iMessage or offered to the Wordie community of more than 1 million daily active users for them to solve.
With Wordie for iMessage, players are also able to ask their friends for help solving particularly difficult puzzles, or to join them in head-to-head challenges to see who can solve the puzzle first. Wordie is the only iMessage game in which all versions – across iMessage in the iPhone, iPad and and Apple Watch – sync with one another so that players can pick up their existing game no matter what device they’re using. Players can find Wordie directly in the iMessage App Store or share content from the main Wordie app simply by clicking the share button and then selecting iMessage.
“Wordie is already an inherently viral game that people love to play with their friends, but this new iMessage functionality makes it truly one of a kind,” said Jorge Prado, co-founder and CEO of The Fast Mind. “We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our player experience, and with the launch of iMessage in iOS 10, we immediately recognized the vast potential that the platform held for community-based apps like Wordie. The innovative use of iMessage, along with the fun new game mechanic involving animated GIFs and the ability for players to connect to a single game via multiple devices, makes for a one-of-a-kind casual game experience.”
Wordie was one of the original apps available in the iMessage App Store when it first launched. The game has been downloaded more than 20 million times across all platforms and receives more than 3.5 million active users each month, with an average session length of over 13 minutes. Approximately 25 percent of all the levels played in the United States are played via iMessage.
The Fast Mind is currently working to bring Wordie and other games to life on other messenger platforms in order to make casual gaming a truly social experience.
Wordie for iMessage is available as a free download from the iMessage App Store.