Fincon’s Hello Hero Explodes into Season II: The Keronic Strikes Back!

Korean indie studio Fincon is happy to announce a major update for its flagship title, Hello Hero, with Hello Hero: The Keronic Strikes Back.

Hello Hero is a fast-paced RPG that features a wide range of quirky heroes, stunning 3D graphics, and addictive monster-collecting activities. It has has reached considerable success both at home and abroad, with over 8 million registered users and 2.1 million facebook Fans in just six months since its global release. The games has reached the top of the charts in Korea, China, Japan, Panama, Sri Lanka, Moldova, and Vietnam.

In Hello Hero, players, known as “Guardians”, assemble teams to defend their home of Armon against the Keronic threat, pursuing them through over 100 missions, dungeons, boss raids, and more. With The Keronic Strikes Back, Fincon seeks to build upon the unique gameplay of Hello Hero with a host of new features, including new heroes, unlockable maps, innovative guild systems, fresh play mechanics, and a deeper, immersive storyline.

Hello Hero is a Free-to-Play game available for the iOS, Google Play and Facebook platforms.

For more details visit the Hello Hero facebook page at:

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