Teebik Games Introduces Boomville, An Exciting New Battlefield Arena Game That Is Fun And Challenging

Teebik Games, a global leader in the mobile video games space, is set to introduce their latest game, Boomville. The game is scheduled for release in mid June 2014 and will join the ranks of fun and exciting games set in a battlefield arena. A company spokesperson announced the release and said, “We are confident that gamers will enjoy this game and find it incredibly challenging and a great way to interact with other players.”

Boomville is a multiplayer online game that lets players around the world test their skills against each other. The game features cute and visually appealing graphic style with a turn-based battle model and gameplay that proceed with a simple touch. The characters that populate the world of Boomville are a mix of human and monsters, all ready to engage on the battlefield with RPG’s. The characters have been described as both cute and fabulous and in beta testing were especially appealing to female game players.

The battlefield space of Boomville features bright and vivid colors that accentuate the fun style and highlight every aspect of the game. Boomville makes going into battle enjoyable and relaxing. Players can adjust the angle position and strength of their character in order to attack players in opposing camps. Players are also able to customize their characters in a variety of costumes and battle gear. Options include a cool young lord, an elegant lady, a shiny super star, or a pretty girl and players can change the appearance of their character daily depending on their mood.

Future features incorporated in Boomville will include a Blacksmith so that players can gain equipment upgrades, gem inlays, fusion enchantments and much more. Interacting with the Blacksmith and earning better more effective weapons will test the skills of every player and allow the best players to rise to the top of the rankings.

When released, Boomville will be available for download to Apple and Android devices.

More information is available at the Facebook fan page

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Y4GqazTPs

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