Finger VS Axes – Out now on Android

Canadian indie game developer Brutal Studio has just released a funny action game featuring YOUR FINGER VS Axes, now available for your android phone or tablet. The game is simple; keep your finger pressed at all times, avoid enemy attacks, and strike him down! Repeat the process and try to clear all levels. The game features beautiful art, a varied game play and a humorous storyline. And to add to the pleasure, they have even added some pretty awesome weapons and cool outfits that you can optionally buy using in-game coins, which can either be accumulated by various game actions or purchased instantly with a credit card, if you want to save time … but hey, where’s the challenge in that!

The game also features a daily gift, for those returning players and several achievements to make it more challenging! And if you’ve completed the game and want more, try completing the game at Hard Mode or even Extreme Mode. Enough challenges and game playing time for all players.

This is the 7th title for the young team, who have seen success with their line of Celebrity Fighting games: Epic Celeb Brawl. Short and humorous games, made to be played between work breaks and shared with friends. The studio also produces a whole line of parody games, largely influenced by the news and cultural media. But if people like Finger VS Axes enough, the studio plans on making other games similar to this one. They also intend to bring new updates, including a sequel to Finger VS Axes … perhaps Finger VS Zombies or Finger VS Finger?! Follow the studio’s Facebook, Twitter or G+ accounts to stay updated on their developments.

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