Take Off – The Flight Simulator for iOS and Android devices (Video)

astragon Entertainment are pleased to announce that their new flight simulation game for iOS and Android devices, Take Off – The Flight Simulator, has arrived today at its digital destination on the Apple® App Store℠ and on Google Play® for €2.99/£1.99.

Following a comprehensive introductory tutorial guaranteeing virtual pilots a successful start to their airborne careers, players will start out be exploring the eight large main islands of Hawaii in the open world of the free-flight mode. Challenging campaign missions such as transport tasks, tourist flights, dramatic rescue missions and white-knuckle emergency landings also wait to be mastered on the famous archipelago.

By completing these tasks players will be able to earn additional flight licenses, giving them access to more and more planes from the game’s pool of 14 different aircraft, all carefully modeled after their real-life counterparts including the cockpits. As they advance through the game they will eventually get to unlock the management mode of Take Off – The Flight Simulator, enabling them to found their own airline and send their planes across the globe to 21 famous destinations including Frankfurt, Moscow, New York and Sydney. Players will also be able to undertake manual take offs and landings! All of the planes featured in the game, from the small single-engine light aircraft up to the giant jumbo passenger jets, can be controlled via a virtual joystick, slider or motion control.

Take Off – The Flight Simulator is available now for €2.99/£1.99. in the Apple® App Store℠ and on Google Play™.