Flora and the Darkness, One-touch platformer on mobiles

The forces of darkness are spreading, and it’s time to fight back.

1DER Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Flora and the Darkness, a gorgeous one-thumb platformer where you play as Flora, a magical light being with the fate of her planet in her hands.

Rescued by her dying mother, Flora must flee from the darkness and make it to the gate at the end of each intricately crafted level. She must use the elemental power of plants and life itself to chase away the darkness and ensure her mother’s sacrifice was not in vain.

Along the way she’ll gain extra skills from the ancient gods, and discover new plants and technology to make her life easier – or sometimes harder!

Boasting gorgeous artwork, a compelling story, thrilling boss fights, and simple yet deep gameplay, Flora and the Darkness is a casual game that’s both moving and fun.

  • Captivating art style
  • Gorgeous music
  • Intuitive and responsive one-touch controls
  • 21 challenging and well-crafted levels
  • Special abilities and upgrades
  • Boss fights

Don’t let the darkness win! Download Flora and the Darkness for free.