Forsaken Fortress Strategy (Early Access) Launches Today!

Forsaken Fortress Strategy is a squad based, survival strategy game focused on base building and scavenging.

As the leader of a group of post-apocalyptic survivors, explore what’s left of the world you once knew, scavenge for resources, build a base, produce food, make weapons and armour and battle for survival.

Surviving in this world will be a huge challenge. Are you up for it?

Key Game Features
•Base Building: Build various base structures (gardens to produce food, workshop to make weapons, etc.) to fulfil the basic needs of the survivors.
•Crafting: Make weapons, armour, food & medicine
•Exploration and scavenging: Explore various styles of post-apocalypse environment and scavenge raw materials for building and crafting.
•Team management: Recruit survivors and arm them with different weapons and armour to achieve maximum combat efficiency.
•Survival: Survivors need to eat & sleep. They can get sick and injured. They need to be constantly looked after.
•Battling: Fight multiple types of mutants and bandits
Why Early Access?

Chinese based Photon Arena would like to engage with the Steam community in the last steps of development to help optimise the gameplay, iron out any outstanding bugs and deliver the game the player wants and expects. Photon Arena would like to thank you in advance for your time and input.

Title: Forsaken Fortress Strategy
Players: Single Player
Platform: PC
Publisher: Kiss Ltd
Developer: Photon Arena
Early Access Release Date: Friday 18 September 2015
SRP: $9.99, £6.99, 9,99€,

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