Fragments of Him launches today on Xbox One (Video)

Dutch indie developer Sassybot has announced Fragments of Him is out now on Xbox One for £7.99 /€9.99 / $9.99. The story-driven experience about coping with loss was successfully released for PC (Steam) earlier this month on 3 May and will come to PlayStation 4 later this year.

Fragments of Him is a story-driven experience, created by Sassybot in collaboration with narrative designer Mata Haggis, and with a play-time of approximately 2.5 hours. Players travel alongside four characters, learning about their lives through their regrets and treasured memories. It is a slow-paced experience, dwelling on the quiet and everyday moments that make up our lives, building to a story focussed on the transformative power of love.

About Fragments of Him
In Fragments of Him we see the final morning of Will and gain insight into his last thoughts before an accident cuts his life short, and also join his loved ones Mary (his grandmother), Sarah (his ex), and Harry (his partner) as they come to terms with their loss. The player moves through the world in the first-person, but directs the story from outside of the protagonists, creating a unique ‘second-person’ feel to the experience.
It is a journey about losing a loved one, filled with both tears and happiness, and ultimately has a heart-warming message: cherish those you love and the time you have with them.