Ecotone Now available for Linux on Steam (Video)

Ecotone is now available on Linux at $8,99 on Steam!
After launching on PC and Mac on may, ecotone the challenging and mysterious platformer land on Linux!

About ecotone
“You are not a hero, You will not save the world, you may even not save yourself” – so begins Ecotone, and your quest to travel through an ever-changing world, discovering your own identity as you discover the perils that fill the world in which you find yourself. Ever-evolving gameplay will tax your brainpower and skill, and each new challenge will present you with a mysterious phrase which will give you clues to your own identity, and what lies in store for you. The mechanics of each level you explore will be different: speed chase, puzzle solving, reversed gravity, stop time and more! With three worlds to explore, each containing 15 levels packed with different rules of physics and unexpected traps, players will be tested to the limit in an engaging retro gaming style.

• New gameplay on every level!
• Discover the secret of your own identity!
• Retro platforming styles with a twist!
• A unique soundtrack