Crunchy Games®, the developers of StarBreak — an innovative side-scrolling massively-multiplayer-online action game — today announced that StarBreak will launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on May 10th. StarBreak has been in beta for over a year and will be bringing its unique cooperative combat platforming gameplay to Steam next month.

StarBreak is inspired by Nintendo and PlayStation-era platformers, such as the Castlevania and Metroid series, but re-imagined with randomly generated content in a massively-multiplayer world. This allows dozens of players to fight alongside each other against legions of enemies and epic-scale bosses while progressing their characters and gaining diverse weapons and abilities.

“We are excited for the opportunity to bring StarBreak to Steam. We believe that StarBreak’s unique blend of massively-multiplayer, perma-death, procedural content generation, and cooperative-action-platforming provides a really original, visceral and fun gameplay experience” said Alexander Carobus, Crunchy Games’ president.

Before the launch, StarBreak will be featured at PAX East 2016 in Boston, MA as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH. “We’re honored to be selected as part of this year’s Indie MEGABOOTH and join all the amazing indie games being shown,” Carobus said.

“StarBreak impresses with it’s luscious visuals, engaging combat and huge selection of loot,” said Calum Fraser, of Alpha Beta Gamer. Calum Fraser went on to note that “[StarBreak is] a fun game, that offers a unique massively multiplayer experience in a genre that usually just offers local co-op at most.”