MysteryTales: Book of Evil (Video)

Windmill Games is pleased to announce that MysteryTales: Book of Evil, an eerie free to play puzzle-solving adventure game was released recently to iOS and Android is to be launched on Windows Store in the third quarter of 2016.

The Book of Evil was hidden in a monastery situated far away in a distant land.
An ambitious professor with a black heart stole the book from the monastery but he failed to use the book for his dark ambitions and became a victim. The book responds to the devil alone and no one can master the evil spirit of the book. When a priest of the monastery who was safeguarding the book finally found out that the book was stolen, he asked a private detective to find it and return it.
The player takes the role of that detective. He or she will have to find all the clues that lead to the book. The mansion of the professor is the first place to investigate. Collect and combine items from the scenes and use them like a MacGyver to get through the puzzles.

✦✦✦ Features✦✦✦

⋆ Challenging Adventure.
⋆ Eerie, mysterious environment.
⋆ Brain Teasing puzzles.
⋆ Detailed story-line.