Mrs Kim’s: It’s Time For Some Parental Discipline – Korean Style (Video)

When world leaders step out of line, don’t you wish their mothers would just pull down their pants and give them a jolly good spanking? We certainly do, and Mrs Kim thinks so too. Most kids get a telling off for spilling ketchup on the rug or shaving the cat, so imagine what Mrs Kim’s going to do when she discovers her son has almost started a thermonuclear war!

Mrs Kim is an addictive infinite runner game where you chase a dastardly despot through chaos and carnage to give him the discipline he so sorely deserves. He’ll use anything to avoid being sent to bed with a sore bum and no pudding, but to avoid his rocket-fuelled retaliation Mrs Kim comes equipped with jetpacks, sonic blasts and the awesome power of Kimchi.

Mrs Kim is the creation of Ben Ansah and Sue Youn, the entrepreneurs behind the Yogiyo sauce brand as seen on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and backed by Peter Jones (the tall one…no not the Scottish bloke…the REALLY tall one). Yogiyo’s founders are now embarking on another venture with a foray into the mobile games market, and with the help of their generous friends, talented university students and a sprinkling of professional tech advisers, Ben and Sue hope to ride the recent wave of popular Korean culture by sharing their own unique sense of humour and relatable characters.

“Mrs Kim is based on the Korean idea of the Ajumma, a middle-aged mother you wouldn’t want to cross. And if my own mother is reading this, Mrs Kim is based on someone else’s mum. You wouldn’t know her, she’s from out of town.” – Sue Youn
“Sue and I lived in South Korea for 4 years and whilst there I learned two important things. Koreans make the best food, and the most fearsome mothers.” – Ben Ansah

Mrs Kim is a rollercoaster ride of randomness that will have you aching to play one more round, can you catch this temperamental tyrant before he destroys us all? There’s only one way to find out. Download Mrs Kim from the App Store, Google Play on June 2nd