Korean Studio Fincon Releases Trailer for Angel Stone: A Cross-Platform Hack & Slash Fantasy RPG of Biblical Proportions

Following the success of its first mobile RPG, ‘Hello Hero’, Fincon announces the release of the cinematic trailer for their second title, ‘Angel Stone’.

“For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now-and never to be equaled again.”
Matthew 24:21

Prophecy dictated that in the end of days, great destruction would befall mankind, and heaven’s angels would protect only they elect from their dark torment. Prophecy did not, however, account for who would protect the angels.

Slaughtered en masse by vile hordes of demonic spawn, the Angels offer no salvation. Prayers to Guardian Angels have been replaced by bitter sobs and haunting screams.

The single inkling of hope lies in the Archangel Michael, and the last of remaining humans. Accumulating the power of the fallen angels through the Angel Stones, these survivors infuse themselves with the divine essence and fight back against the encroaching darkness.

The trailer features the efforts of one such survivor, a steely-eyed heroine single-handedly taking on a colossal demon straight from the pits of perdition. This trailer was done in collaboration with Blur, an award-winning American-based production studio known for its beautiful cinematic work on Avatar, League of Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, BioShock, Halo and more.

Available on App Store, Google Play Store, and Facebook Canvas mid-2015.

Angel Stone Official Trailer: http://youtu.be/NYOLqIqgvnY

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