Joycity releases big global update for Gunship BattleTM

Joycity has released this year’s first big update for Gunship Battle™, a 3D action game featuring a variety of helicopters and aircraft, and is currently available worldwide on Google Play.

In this update, three new types of control mechanism have been added to provide a more convenient gaming experience for players that have had difficulty with the default gyro-sensor controls. Players can now choose from one of four control types including a virtual direction pad (D-Pad), or stick with the original tilt-control.

This update also brings a host of new contents for the game, including a new aircraft and a new episode comprised of nine challenging missions. The newly added aircraft is the Su-35 Super Flanker, which will add a new dynamic to the air-to-air combat in the game with rolling evasive maneuvers and Archer missiles that can strike multiple targets simultaneously. This new fighter will come in handy for players trying their hand at the new episode, which features large scale air-to-air combat scenarios and the game’s first airborne boss, the “Black Moth.”

Other new contents include a ‘revive’ system which enables players to continue their mission after being shot down by spending a modest sum of gold, new item “packages” that offer useful support items at bargain price, and the “Black Market” which provides surprise discount offers.

To celebrate the new update, the amount of gold needed to unlock new episodes has been reduced by 80%. New players completing the first tutorial mission can now also try out the Black Hawk helicopter for free for ten missions.

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