Independent developer Red Head Games is pleased to announce the availability the adorable stuffed animal simulator / puzzle game “Plush”, on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux this Valentine’s Day (14 Feb 2015). Plush combines stuffed animal simulation with the imagination of a little girl to provide a unique puzzle experience. To successfully complete each level, the player must embrace their inner child and arrange the stuffed animals in such a way as to make them all “happy” before bedtime. Each stuffed animal has its own preferences (and physics), so this is easier said than done.

Plush provides a cozy atmosphere and a soothing soundtrack while still providing interesting (and often quite challenging) puzzles to solve. Rather than assault the senses in a desperate attempt to keep the player’s interest.

•40 puzzle levels and 3 difficulty options
•Sandbox mode (Play Room)
•Steam Achievements
•Unlockable Sound Board
•Colorblind Mode

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Gameplay trailers:
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