PolyRace Released On Steam for PC, Mac and Linux today (Video)

Publisher Plug In Digital Label and indie studio BinaryDream today released PolyRace a fast-paced futuristic racing game featuring an infinite amount of tracks for massive replayability, on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux (http://store.steampowered.com/app/384330/). The game is priced at $12.99, but this week a special launch promo code gives a 15% discount.

“I was inspired by so many classic racing games but I wanted to put my own unique spin on the genre to appeal to all types of players from hard-core racers to old school sci-fi racing fans,” said PolyRace developer Vincent Themereau.

PolyRace offers:
Strategic Decisions
• Choose from 4 different hovercrafts, each with its own physic properties and unique sci-fi hull.
• Remember the difficulty points on tracks and manage risks when boosting to achieve the best times.
Fast-Paced Action
• Hurtle through randomized tracks, navigating valleys, hills and mountains, long straight lines and narrow curves, all while avoiding collisions and paying attention to shields.
• Be constantly challenged on an unending amount of new levels developed by the game’s procedural level generator.
Modes for All Types of Players
• Explore the maps with no time limits.
• Achieve the fastest score in time attack race.
• Challenge the world with the Race of the Day or challenge friends on identical tracks.
• Endlessly race against the clock and collect time on the way to covering the longest distance.