“Another Round, Anyone?” Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 – The Comedy-Noir Visual Novel, Launches on the App Store for iOS

Independent developer Corners Studio today announced that its unique visual novel meets time-management game, Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1, is out now on the App Store for iOS on mobile phone devices. Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 will be coming to Android mobile and tablet devices through the Google Play Store later in 2016.

“I’m so happy that we can finally release Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 around the world on iOS for mobile! It’s by far our best game to date!” Said TaekSung Song, CEO of Corners Studio. “The team has put all their experience and knowledge into this game, I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved, and I hope you will be too! If you like the game, check out the soundtrack too, it’s on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp!”

The global recession has hit the neighbourhood and everyone’s suffering, except Boss, who rarely visits Bar Oasis, as he’s busy writing his first book. Before his disappearing act, Boss hired a pole dancer called Lucy to pole dance in the bar, as well as Carla (whose own bar is going through a renovation) to spend precious off-time keeping an eye on Vic. High flying accountant Desree is running around like crazy, trying to save as many small businesses in the neighbourhood from going under. Other high flyer Eric has also re-appeared onto the scene, making an “offer” to Desree… All this while Risa’s in the US trying to launch her album and career, while spending her down-time at a local watering hole that feels like Bar Oasis. Vic (you) is caught in the middle of it all, doing his best to run the bar, listen to everyone’s problems and also try to deal with his own life too! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Bar Oasis, just have a seat and drink it all in!

The Android version will launch on the Google Play Store later in 2016.

About Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1
In Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1, players take on the role of Vic Johnson, a bartender who works at the titular Bar Oasis. Chat to the quirky regulars and listen to their stories of love, loss and lust as you serve them their favourite drinks in a timely manner. You don’t want to shake a Martini when the customer wants it stirred! And remember to serve it to them swiftly, you can’t be letting customers get thirsty! Get to know your co-workers and your clientele in a friendly or intimate way, maybe some “over-time” with new-girl Lucy is on the cards?

Leveraging the features and power of smartphone platforms to create the most advanced cocktail making simulator on mobile devices, Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 provides the mixing techniques you need to know to impress your friends, the next time you have them over for a few drinks. This awesome mini-game, wrapped up in a compelling, laugh out loud visual novel and an awesome jazz soundtrack from composer Nauts, will transport you to the world of Bar Oasis and get you in the mood to try something new.