My Free Circus launches internationally – for iOS and Android

The renowned developer of apps and browser games, upjers, is off to the circus! Clear the ring for My Free Circus!

Talented performers and impressive circus animals – we’re getting this show started! As of today, My Free Circus is available for both Android and iOS devices. This stunning free-to-play app by upjers will bring the fun-filled world of the circus to your phone or tablet with lovingly animated 3D splendor.

Players attract visitors with death-defying feats, astonishing magic tricks and amusing animal acts. Curious circus-goers will find plenty of homemade snacks and treats as well during their visit.

With so many amazing acts, it’s no surprise that the area around your big top will grow and flourish as more and more performers find their way there. Jugglers and tamers spend their time outside their wagons, honing their skills and improving with every level.

In My Free Circus, upjers has created yet another magical 3D world that combines adorable animal fun with the exciting challenges of a tycoon game – a must for every casual gamer!

upjers’ latest 3D game is now available for free in the Google Play Store for Android users, and in the App Store for iOS users.