SAB Games announced the launch of «Fight for Marseille» – the simulator of football hooligan

Independent global developer SAB Games announced the launch of their new project «Fight for Marseille» – a simulator of football hooligan, have been developed after the scuffles between English and Russian football ultras on Euro-2016. In this game player have to lead his «team» to the victory in a fierce battle of football hooligans. While English lion and Russian bear are fighting on Velodrome Stadium, football fans will show their class in a street fighting.

«In any case, we don’t excuse the disorder on Marseilles streets. We are just trying to transfer these clashes from the real city streets to the virtual world of our mobile game», said Tony Stevens, CEO and founder of SAB Games.

«Chaps! Football fans! Tough guys! Please, show your class of street fighting in virtual world of the «Fight for Marseille». Show some mercy to beautiful France!» smiled Head of Studio Jakhonghir Usmanov.

«Fight for Marseille» is available now on Google Play, and can be downloaded for free. AppStore version will be available in some days later.