Free Range Games Releases Labyrinth Into Early Access (Video)

Strategy fans now have a new type of game to challenge themselves with as Labyrinth, from independent video game studio Free Range Games, releases through Steam Early Access for $9.99. Combining the playing experience of a tactical role-playing game (RPG) with the deck building of a collectible card game (CCG), Labyrinth features an immersive 3-D universe where players battle one another, via customized dungeon decks, using strategic attacks, defenses and positioning. Players interested in jumping into Early Access can download and navigate the Labyrinth at

Created in partnership with Skybound Entertainment, the multimedia company founded by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his longtime business partner David Alpert, Labyrinth enables players to take on the role of both Adventurer and Dungeon Master. While playing gamers must assemble Hero decks to attack dungeons in Player vs. Player (PVP) raids for loot, and also customize dungeon decks with Boss, Monster and Trap cards to guard their own treasure. During battle players will use RPG tactics to attack, defend and heal their characters, which is all seen visually in gorgeous 3-D universe. Thanks to asynchronous combat, players are able to calculate their attacks and defenses during multiplayer battles without any time constraints.

“Labyrinth is the start to an exciting new genre that melds a perfect union between tactical-RPGs and CCGs,” said Chris Scholz, CEO at Free Range Games. “With tactical-decision making, deck building and RPG elements, Labyrinth has something for players who love the challenge of strategy games. At the same time, the game’s easy-to-read cards and unique cool-down system make it accessible for those new these types of games.”

Labyrinth is set in a vast and wondrous cosmos with the world of Hylea at its center. The core set starts in a city called Starfall. Once a peaceful and thriving market city, Starfall has spun into turmoil due to the breakdown of age-old pacts and alliances. The earliest settlers have consolidated their power and look to push out rivals while newcomers to the city seek to carve out territory for themselves. As night falls, every player must battle for survival in the ancient city’s tunnels, alleys and halls.

“Skybound is all about embracing creators with an authentic voice willing to tackle the risk of surprise,” said Daniel Murray, President at Skybound Interactive. “Launching Labryinth on Early Access with Free Range Games is just the beginning. We can’t wait for players to join our long journey ahead.”