Frogmind’s Award-Winning ‘BADLAND’ Released for Apple TV

Frogmind has announced its acclaimed hit BADLAND is available now for the new Apple TV for $4.99. The side-scrolling action-adventure title, Apple’s 2013 iPad Game of the Year, has been retooled to offer a completely new living room experience.

For those that have already purchased BADLAND for iOS, it is free for Apple TV! As a universal app, buying the game on iPhone or iPad grants access to the Apple TV version, and vice versa. The Apple TV release contains all the content released for the other iOS versions over the last two years, including the recently added Level World with all 20,000+ levels. While the Editor isn’t in the Apple TV version, you can make levels on your iPhone/iPad, and play them on Apple TV. Cloud-saving syncs progress between devices.

“Many fans of BADLAND for iOS have yet to experience the game’s multiplayer options, nor seen it on the big screen. It is a totally fresh experience, and we hope the many millions of people that have downloaded the game over the last couple of years give it a spin on Apple TV!” said Teemu Maki Patola, COO of Frogmind. “Apple TV is a fantastic game platform, and we look forward to releasing more titles for it.”
BADLAND is playable with the Siri Remote & supports MFi controllers. It delivers an amazing three-player multiplayer experience (co-op and versus) with up to two additional Bluetooth controllers. BADLAND has been praised since it first launched for the stunning quality of its bold art design, which comes to life infull HD, 60 fps glory on Apple TV.