This Halloween brings Midnight Horror, the prologue to The Last Crown: Blackenrock

Get spooked with Midnight Horror (PC), a new adventure by Jonathan Boakes (Dark Fall, The Lost Crown). Midnight Horror is released today on Steam and is set between the The Lost Crown (2008) and The Last Crown: Blackenrock (soon to be released).

Midnight Horror comes with all the trappings a fan of the ‘ Crown’ series would expect. Set on Halloween, a new Saxton village mystery will be uncovered, with the help of ghost-hunting gadgets, a séance and use of the Dark Arts. Collect your ghostly evidence and find out who or what is haunting the local harbour pub. Test your detective skills to uncover this brand new paranormal mystery.

“Midnight Horror is a standalone ghost story, a celebration of Halloween, but also acts as a re-introduction to the ‘Crown’ universe, and the people of Saxton,” says Darkling Room’s Jonathan Boakes. He continues: “I hope you enjoy the game! It’s been a blast to make and it acts as a super Prologue for Blackenrock, as well as a seasonal title in its own right.”

Various assets have been created for the release of Midnight Horror, to show a first eerie glimpse of the game. The gameplay trailer is now streaming on Iceberg’s Youtube channel HERE.

Development of the new Crown game The Last Crown: Blackenrock is wrapping up and the release date will shortly be announced by publisher Iceberg Interactive. Meanwhile, Midnight Horror is now available on Steam with an attractive SRP of just $4.99/€4,99 / £3.99.