Geeky Collecting Simulation game ‘Franken Girl Maker’ launches

Magic cube, known as a developer who makes unique mobile games, has announced  their next title. It’s called Franken Girl Maker.

This is quite geeky concept of the game that creates a girl through cell culture and fusion by creating eyes, nose, mouth and other features.
It is limitless to create all different combination of appearance.
The more Franken girls being created the more research supporting fund increase.
The purpose of the game is to create a Franken girl with vastly superior quality by using good quality materials and upgrade the laboratory with increased research fund.

This game is open to anyone with the easy control.

The game is designed for not only simple creation of the Franken girl but also for user to have conversation with her.
Moreover, it shares the story and outlook of the world from the quests that are given by NPC.

Franken Girl Maker is available to Free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.