Pre-Civilization Egypt Out Now (Video)

Survive through 2000 years of true Ancient Egypt history. Build, develop, rule!

Clarus Victoria is happy to announce the release of its brand new game – Pre-Civilization Egypt.

Pre-Civilization Egypt for Windows PC and Mac OS is available now on Steam.  

Pre-Civilization Egypt is a turn-based strategy built upon history of Ancient Egypt. Starting from 5000 B.C. you will guide the Egyptians through all the hardships to prosperity and power. Get ready to march into faraway lands, fight catastrophes and hardships. The game covers almost 2000 years of Egyptian Pre-Dynastic history, starting from the dawn of this glorious civilization in 5000 BC till the Early Dynastic Period in 3000 BC.

As the right hand of the ruler, you will control the life of Ancient Egypt – manage resources, assign workers, build new districts, temples and palaces. The fate of the whole nation is in your hands. Make important decisions in real historical situations, wage wars and withstand disasters. True story will immerse you into the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient world, seen through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians.

Pre-Civilization Egypt features:

Simulation of the ancient world
Wars, drought, enemy invasions, epidemics, internal turmoil, diplomacy, migration of the tribes, religious ceremonies, exploration of distant lands, celebrations and more than 100+ others events and trials that await players in the game!

Technological evolution of mankind
48 historically accurate technologies and cultural achievements of Pre-Dynastic Egypt with detailed descriptions showing the technological evolution of mankind.

Mysteries of Egyptian religion and culture
Witness the birth of the unique religion of the Nile civilization, starting with beliefs in spirits and ending with the cult of god-pharaoh. Learn the secrets known only to archeologists and Egyptologists!

Reconstructed map of Ancient Egypt
Accurate reconstruction of the geographic map of ancient Egypt 5000-3000 BC, taking into account climate changes of that period when Sahara was a Savannah and not a desert and Wadies were rivers and not roads.

Reconstructed city of Hierakonpolis
Accurate archaeological reconstruction of the Hierakonpolis – the former center of Pre-Dynastic Egypt. Build houses, temples and tomb that were later excavated by archeologists in XX-XXI centuries.

Egypt Civilization is currently available for Windows PC and Mac OS. Mobile versions of the game coming soon.