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Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls 2.0, a totally-zany, action adventure / runner game (Video)

Super Goodwin, creator of all things zany is proud to announce the launch of Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls 2.0, an off the wall, out of this the world, totally-zany, action adventure / runner now available on iOS and Android devices.

Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls 2.0 invites you to take the role of Blink T. Fishman, an adorable little gnome hero, as he runs, flies, bounces and laughs through an endless magical adventure. You will smash trolls, ride a mustached worm, fly high in the sky on the back of a friendly bee-like creature as you search mystical worlds to assemble SWIFT, the cybernetic fox that will bring balance to the village of St. Relaxington. Gnome Dash Rise of the Trolls 2.0 comes packed with tongue-in-cheek humor and wacky characters that you’ll meet along the way.

Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls 2.0 features:

•Save the Princess!: The evil trolls have kidnapped the baby princess and it’s up to you to save her! Are you tough enough or will you just fart out
•Double Jump the Bump: Want to find secrety secrets? Use the double jump.
•Unicorns are Real: ‘nough said (tee hee!)
•Lots to Love: More than five levels to explore, 100 quests to solve and daily challenges that keep you coming back. Each time you play, brings more to adore!
•Tasty Music: More than 20 Original songs – all played with real village instruments including the Mandolin, Piano, Guitar, Tin Flute, Ukulele, Banjo, Cajon, and More! Download them to your personal music collection or share with your friends.
•A Nod to the Classics: Packed with hidden treasures, easter eggs, and secret codes and areas!
•Beat ‘em Up: Smash bad guys to earn points and engage Rainbow Fire mode invincibility
•Intense Mini Games / Challenging Bonus Rounds: Poke petite pixies in Fairy Tap to gain goodies or get a head rush with Pink Buzz as you fly on your bee-like buddy while avoiding serrated saws and bothersome baddies!
•Noyman’s Shop: Get a sensual look, become a jukebox hero, purchase a crazy item, or magical power. This includes tasty ringtones, troll beans that make you toot, magical fairy boots or even feed your digital dog.