All My Gods released on Google Play

Realore announces the release of its classic casual strategy game All My Gods on Google Play. At the beginning of the game players become heirs to a retiring Roman god. Their mission is to grow a small village into a sprawling city. To ease the task players are granted with magical godly powers. The game is played on an expansive world map that features four distinct landscape types. Through the course of the game players will be responsible for collecting resources, developing new technologies, building farms, houses and wondrous monuments, recruiting workers and protecting their people from harm.

All My Gods tells a deep story full of epic intrigues. It even features a love triangle that involves the main character. During the course of the game players will meet mythical creatures and famous deities such as Mars, Flora and Jupiter himself. All these characters as well as common villagers will give players various quests. Each such quest involves using specific godly technique and is a mini-story of its own. Completing these tasks grants players with new powers and resources as well as moves the game forward.

The game is played on an expansive world map that features four distinct landscape types. Each of them provides terrain-specific challenges adding another layer of depth to the game. Players will have to be aware of the hazards and opportunities provided by their surroundings. Some areas are good for farming, others are perfect for getting lumber or setting trade posts.

The game was previously released on PC and later iOS. The user interface of the All My Gods was completely reworked for the release of the game on mobile platforms. Playing the game on touch-screen devices is a seamless and immerse experience as it gives players an opportunity to cast spells and perform miracles using their own hands instead of mouse and keyboard. All my Gods is available on Google Play for 2.99$

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