Golf Star, 5th anniversary update for iOS

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the 3D realistic golf game, Golf Star, leading mobile games publisher Com2us has released two new game updates, in addition to all-new gameplay items.
To commemorate this milestone anniversary, Com2us is enhancing the Golf Star experience and honoring the game’s dedicated fanbase with the following content updates:

  • Long Putting Rule allows users to compete against others. Players will be timed on an equal playing field without the use of any special skills or items to decide who has the best long putting skills. Game results will depend on the success or failure of putting and player pace. With this rule, users will compete hole by hole and claim rewards based on their ranking.
  • Putting Practice Mode has been added in the Course Practice Field and Basic Practice Field. Goodwill Match Mode will also offer players the chance to play friendly matches with other users.

Additionally, three key items have been added to assist in gameplay:

  • Tee Shot Guide – A display that highlights the golf ball’s flying trajectory and landing area
  • Point Drink – A system that doubles shot points
  • Power Fix – Helps adjust power gauge based on custom location choice

Providing fans with immersive content updates and high-quality gameplay, Golf Star has continued to solidify its position as one of the top mobile golf games in the global market. Since its inception in 2013, the game has amassed more than 28 million downloads worldwide, becoming the number one selling Sports game in the App Store across 66 countries. Golf Star is available on iOS devices via the App Store.

Download Golf Star on the App Store here: