Gram Games launches its latest puzzle masterpiece Six! (Video)

Genius puzzle-game-maker behind 1010! and Merged!, launches its latest hit game, Six!

The proven master of mobile puzzle game creation, Gram Games, releases Six! Taking the best aspects of previous global hits, 1010! and Merged!, the team behind Six! knows that it has another gem of a game in store for its 75 million fans.

This challenging, exciting (and sometimes infuriating) game is great for one minute bursts, or hours of fun. In ‘Six!’ you are faced with a tower of variously shaped bricks, upon which sits a hexagonal block. The aim is to get the hexagon down the tower of blocks, earning more points the lower you get. In order to get lower down, the player must tap the blocks, which will remove them, freeing space for the hexagon to fall into.

It sounds simple, but if the blocks are removed unevenly, the tower will start to lean and crumble. And, if the hexagon comes off either side, it’s game over. The combined pressure of beating your own score, your friend’s scores and the global leaderboard will keep you playing for hours in this thrilling, challenging and, somehow, simple puzzle game. This game may seem simple and fun, but claiming top spot on the leaderboard can be a challenge.

Mehmet Ecevit, co-founder and CEO of Gram Games, said of the new game: “We are really excited about this release. Every time we create a new game, we discover some more secrets we can use in the next. We have been testing a few different games and Six! manages to pull together many elements from all of them. We expect this game to go viral: after all, it is a puzzle game that also plays like an arcade game. We always like to try something new and refreshing, whilst keeping to the game recipes that have lead to one hit after another. But most of all, we look forward to people enjoying playing it.